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A diverse and committed team

Creativedog is a very professional yet casual agency. We provide consultancy services for web development and design within a digital marketing context.  

Innovation, expertise, and personalized advisory services are the key elements that make the difference when providing cutting edge solutions.

Creativedog’s directors actively take part in different associations, groups and government specific projects leading the entrepreneurial and corporative industrial worlds such as fashion, technology, media, design and communication.

Meet the team

Lucas Tata | Creativedog
Diego Ostrovsky | Creativedog
Martín Jimenez | Creativedog
Javier Sampietro | Creativedog
Agustín Rivera | Creativedog
Gastón Botoshansky | Creativedog
Jackito | Creativedog

Who trust us

These are the main assets we have achieved to keep over time

Hellmann's - Creativedog
Knorr - Creativedog
Maika - Creativedog
Goodyear - Creativedog
Istanbul Mehmet - Creativedog
Mercado Libre - Creativedog
Dafiti - Creativedog
Singer - Creativedog
Florencia - Creativedog
Megatone - Creativedog
Macoser S.A - Creativedog
Revista Soy Rock - Creativedog
Huoky - Creativedog
Prototype - Creativedog
Batuk - Creativedog
Tiempo de Sabores - Creativedog
Tembleke - Creativedog
Ministerio Público Fiscal - Creativedog
Buenos Aires Gobierno de la Ciudad - Creativedog
Cámara Argentina de Comercio y Servicios - Creativedog
JCI - Creativedog
Mercado - Creativedog

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These are the latest projects we have crafted/shaped for our clients.

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