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The client reached Creativedog with the need to come up with a digital product that contacts users having gas problems either in their homes or in their shops or industries with licensed professional gasfitters. After the development of the product, the challenge was to “spread the word” about it.



New users found out about the brand.


Rise in the sessions compared with the previous term.


Increase in access to the web page compared with the previous term.


Rise in conversions compared with the previous term

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Our solution

Creativedog worked in stages, as shown below, in permanent contact with the client during the whole process:

Brand identity

We worked on the creative process of the brand from square one. From the product naming stage to the final combination mark. The pictorial mark is the result of merging both letters “C” and “G” in Conectagas. It was designed with homogeneous lines that have the shape of gas pipes.

The pipes define the colour palette and the font is friendly and digital like.

A manual of digital elements was created to be used and applied all through the development of the project and even in the future.

Product design

  • Itemisation of cases of use and functionalities (Backlog)
  • Project plan (Road Map)
  • Selection of technological tools and programming languages useful for the project.
  • State diagram (Navigation flow control)
  • User’s experience design.
  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX design.

Whole implementation of the platform (front-end and back-end development)

Some of its characteristics and functionalities are:

  • 100% customised design and development.
  • Responsive (it adapts to all mobile devices)
  • Gasfitters search filers.
  • List of licensed gasfitters.
  • Each of the gasfitters’ profiles with their aptitudes and knowledge.
  • Contact with the gasfitter directly from his profile.
  • A gasfitters’ rating system
  • Static sessions and self-administered newsfeed.
  • Administration of users who are gasfitters.
  • Personalised gasfitters’ control panel.
    • Work request forms.
    • Carried – out works.
    • List of cancelled jobs.
    • Profile accounts.

Digital marketing.

Creativedog thought about a plan made up of different strategies and digital marketing-related actions to fulfill the client’s objectives.

To gain both the licensed gasfitter and user’ attention, we followed a variety of paths and ways of communication.

  • E-marketing measured campaigns.
  • Online publicity campaigns.
  • Analysis and reports to examine behaviours and objectives and make decisions.

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