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Ensoul is a company which designs and remodels high-level homes in London, the United Kingdom. We met during one of our business trips there just when they were in pursuit of a change in their corporate image and identity and in its website, which is their virtual window shop.



Rise in conversions.


Increase in the number of visitors to their web page.


Rise in the pages per session.


Increase in the time users spend on the webpage.

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Our solution:

Corporate identity

We worked on a new style for the logo, keeping the essence of the previous isotype, but with a more modern and more meaningful, clearer style.

Conceptually, we can see a semi tridimensional structure which might be the first stage in the making of an architectural plan and in one of the sides this design is rendering until it finally becomes the letter E in Ensoul.

A sans-serif font with subtly rounded edges was picked to create a digital and modern style which is what the projects of the company transmit.

The chosen colour palette is brand new and it was the result of the inspiration got from the client’s projects and the creation of mood boards for this process.

Web Design and Development

Our work consisted, in the first place, in itemising functionalities which our client requested such as the integration of all its forms by means of Zoho CRM.  Then, in designing a navigation flow diagram to understand how the web site user’s flow would be. We later tested the usability of the UI design so that the final product would display the desired qualities.

For the implementation we decided to make a customised Word Press, entirely developed by Creativedog. The site, integrated with the customer’s CRM, is totally self-administrated when it comes to its sessions, Blog posts and projects.

Technology, tools and resources used are:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3 / Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Minified code to optimise the loading of the site.
  • Customised Word Press.
  • Integration by means of Zoho CRM.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • UX analysis

In order to keep on improving the web site interface and the users’ experience (UX), we conducted some analysis with heat maps to determine the users’ behavior and interaction with the website. That way, based on data, we would finally measure and improve the design.


Creativedog was in charge of the SEO migration of relevant data as the previous site had gained some visibility in search engines. Migrating data is far from being just a detail when it comes to new website creation: not only is the site SEO friendly but it also keeps the visibility gained so far in search engines. Creativedog carries out this task to keep and later improve the positioning of the site.

Google Analytics and Reports

We aimed at differentiating the users’ interests from the services offered though a correct implementation of objectives and events.

A personalised setting was created to measure the effectiveness of the conversions from different channels (organic, referral, social, among others). Thus, we could recognise the major business potential channels for our client.

By using Google Analytics and considering the characteristics and similarities among customers, we could also create a representation of some user / buyer personas.

We could then spot which audience added more value to the business, so as to redesign the user’s interface, trends and usability to improve the client’s KPIs (key performance indicators)

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