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Maika Foods is a fresh vegetable food company based in Los Ángeles, California, USA. They were hoping to launch their products to the market for the first time but in an original way. And apart from that, they wanted to create an entire visual identity including, but not limited to, branding, packaging design and development, web development and a variety of visual communication pieces.

Our take on this project

We have worked with Maika Foods from the very beginning with branding and a visual identity creation that reflects on every product, website and graphic piece. Our consultancy work played a different role since we advised the client on the direction product imagery should take.


We crafted a meaningful packaging design with a young and fresh look, showing the true essence of the product. Flavors are represented by the original brand’s color palette which singles out each one of them. This stems from the wide variety of color we can find in nature and the color of the vegetable itself that we use in every product.


It follows branding and packaging design criteria. It is a clean site with vast white spaces for the product to take the lead. These are some of the site’s features:  

  • Customized design and visual identity
  • HTML5, CSS3, JQuery layout
  • Responsive:  Fully adaptable to all mobiles devises such as tablets and smartphones
  • Product promotional videos
  • Recipes

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