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Product Design, UI/UX design and web development.

The client got in touch with Creativedog because he needed to give birth to a digital product that worked as a store guide from all sectors and helped users to track shops according to the area, industry, characteristics, services, discounts, among others.

Our solution

Creativedog worked in stages, as shown below, in permanent contact with the client during the whole process:

Product Design:

  • Itemisation of cases of use and functionalities (Backlog)
  • Project plan (Road Map)
  • Selection of technological tools and programming languages useful for the project.
  • State diagram (Navigation flow control)
  • User’s experience design.
  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX design.

Whole implementation of the platform (front-end and back-end development)

Some of its characteristics and functionalities are:

  • 100% customised design and development.
  • Responsive (it adapts to all mobile devices)
  • Store search filters according to industry.
  • Results with advanced search preferences.
  • Each of the stores forms with contact information, images, social networks and characteristics, among others.
  • Contact with the store directly from its profile.
  • Static sessions and self-administered newsfeed.
  • Administration of users and stores.
  • User and store register from the front-end.
  • User control panel.
    • Stores created by the user.
    • To edit, delete or present the store plan.
    • Profile account.

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