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Website with user access for events

Sahic is a company in charge of organizing seminars and networking events for the fields of tourism and hotel marketing, and for every event they need a new website.

Before getting the Project going, the client had a website running under an obsolete technology. It was not optimized for mobile devises which interfered with the possibility of addressing the mobile segment.

Our take on this project

To make the most out of time and resources, we developed a multi-site platform, a website with the possibility of duplication (with the least amount of intervention on our part) but with the chance to create new sites for future events, keeping brand image intact.

All developmental stages were managed on WordPress to make it easy and at the same time optimized for mobile devises.

Our interface design focused primarily on inviting the user to register to the event and then on delivering event information and activities (secondary objective). Besides, we built a comprehensive online payment method to allow the user to check in and let the company charge automatically with almost zero manned intervention.

This is what it included:

  • User interface desgin (UI)
  • Marketing and technology consultancy
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass y jQuery development
  • WordPress Multi Site implementation and setting as a content and new websites administration system.
  • Language unit/module (Spanish/English)

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