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Creativedog, an agency that provides customized services. We are a restless, natural, and client-focused agency and we make a difference by developing broad but specific experiences for our clients. Our starting point is developing the concept/idea, then its technical implementation and later its advertising and/or media campaign.

Creating a website, opening an e-commerce, positioning you on Google or the social media, Creativedog will develop and provide professional services each step of the way:

An interactive and digital agency

How we make it happen

Each project is one of a kind, but to make it happen we follow a very clear four-steps methodology:



Our priority is to create realistic and sustainable projects for your business or product. We dive into marking research to identify your strengths and weaknesses enabling meaningful business contrasts.



We create a meaningful visual outcome to contribute to the business objectives, be it attracting new customers, increasing sales, getting new followers on Social Media, or downloading relevant business files.



When it comes to developing a successful website, programming is a complex and paramount step. We work with HTML5 y CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Angular 2 and content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress.



Once the project is done, we run advertising campaigns to reach the summit of the digital world on Google and the Social Media. With an appropriate measurement system, we analyze results and we improve them over time.

Sales growth

Sales growth

We craft and develop online stores and websites optimized for mobile devises to lure customers at the right time with the right tool.

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Brand positioning

Brand positioning

We create value and impact through media strategies on Google, identifying the market segmentation that better adapts to your products/services in the process of customer conversion.

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Product and services advertising

Product and services advertising

We create Social Media and Google campaigns to reach the right audience looking for your products and services online.

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Self-manageable site

Self-manageable site

We design websites powered by strong and reliable platforms with personalized access. You won’t need someone else to change the contents, edit texts or replace pictures.

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Our magic tools

As a comprehensive agency, we work with top of innovation-driven technologies to reach your online and Social Medial objectives.

Angular 2
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google AdWords
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads


Do you still have doubts? Keep reading and find the answer

Some clients would rather delegate the whole Project to us, not just the design and development of a specific job, but also the content creation process (such as writing and editing text). Others just don’t have a specialized area in-company and they are looking for an outsourced expert digital director who can take the lead on digital and media decisions. According to case specifics, we set up monthly meetings were the client is involved in the most relevant aspects of the process, allowing him to have a general idea of the direction taken and the strategies the agency will put forward.

Yes, we offer our services to other agencies and we would be delighted to take tasks from other studios or consulting firms. We are actively looking to collaborate with other companies interested in offering our services in exchange for the same from our end.

Yes and no. We don’t want to be confusing but everything will depend on the kind of project. If you want to do some marketing to attract customers, you’ll probably want to hire our services that include specific actions such as advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook or Adwords, sending newsletters or positioning you on search engines. From the technical point of view of the starting point, some projects don’t always need maintenance but we advise hiring the fee that comes with technical support, software maintenance or code bug fixing, to ensure a smooth performance while working with real users. A website can require technical adjustments, backups or software updates to be always up-to-date and protected against possible vulnerabilities that appear when the project is not updated.

Under certain ways of outsourcing, Creativedog works as the client’s digital department. This allows them to have a prepared team for a fixed cost that will answer to the company’s manager or director. In this way, the client has a comprehensive team without the cost of startups and maintenance of licenses, technical equipment, among others. We have developed a fixed-cost method which helps us have great outcomes remotely. Creativedog offers this flexible service that adapts to the client; it offers the right team with the right equipment on the right time.

All our projects are fully customized so it is difficult to have exact numbers in mind. Instead of having a minimum fee, we rather adjust our strategies, the volume of work and the time according to client’s budget. We can also adjust our take on the project according to client participation during the project. For instance, if you are willing to create your own content or upload it to the website (after the appropriate explanation), the costs will be reduced from the total amount.

We have the right solution for each subject matter area. E-commerce sites allow the customer to sell virtually any product online. Creativedog builds online stores with reliable payment systems along with SSL solutions to ensure payment in safe and reliable contexts. There are many e-commerce platforms on the Internet, big and small. With our expertise, we can find the right solution for the right project.

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