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Search engine positioning

At Creativedog, we use a high-impact methodology that allows us to boost user traffic from Google to reach a higher organic positioning through search engines. To get there, we audit and analyze more than 200 variables of content, commerce, user experience (UX) and technical aspects.

Our digital marketing specialists optimize content to make them relevant for our clients’ businesses, thus striking balance between creativity and optimization for search engines.

SEO - Creativedog

Search engine optimization

At Creativedog, we carry out keyword research to be able to identify the relevant terminology our clients’ customers use on Google. The purpose behind this is to learn not only about the tendencies but also about the potential business behind each keyword. Some SEO services include:

  • Website performance diagnostics
  • Keyword research
  • Advanced SEO
  • Multilingual and multiregional SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing


People we had the pleasure to work with, people who trust us.

Great guys to work with.
Very professional, versatile, pragmatic and to the point. Loved working with them . Do not hesitate to get on board with this Team . I give them 5 stars.

Diego Vidal

Maika Foods | Los Ángeles CA

I’ve had the chance to work with Creativedog and they were able to address my concerns on all matters related to website development and digital marketing. Always ready to help, easy-going, and paying immediate attention to my questions.

Carlos Pasetti

Design - Batuk

We have worked with Creativedog from the start. Not only we love their work, but they are always wonderful to us and they have walked along our company’s growth every step of the way. We highly recommend them every chance we get.

Jimena Stabile

Gerente - Tiempo de Sabores

I would work with them again without a doubt.
I felt advised every step of the way. They were always ready to answer any queries and never delayed on deadlines.

Pablo More

Manager - Lonera Argentina S.R.L

Very good response time and quality.
They are very efficient and provide very useful input which renders them trustworthy. High-level results.

Juan Pablo De Giacomi

Jurídico & Compliance - Cámara de Comercio Alemana

Excellent design quality. They have always exceeded my expectations beyond my brief requirements. They have deep interface design and user experience.

Jon Gordon

Digital Director at Penhaligon's

Digital experts. Since we partnered with Creativedog, we have been able to create successful projects. Their contribution has been paramount in reaching our objectives.

Lucas Landesman

Falabella - Digital Director

They are part of my team. We’ve worked together on several website development projects for years and they have proved to be a part of my company.

Solana Crawford

DAT - Chief Creative Officer

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