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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX)

The Overview

ARG Sale is a big online company that sales a great variety of home products.

The challenge

The client had 3 interconnected major problems: 1) As they did not have their website optimized for Google, their products were not highlighted. In other words, the client was losing the possibility to get potential customers searching for their products on Google. 2) To curb the situation, they would advertise using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads but they were stuck with permanent investment advertising plans. 3) When users reached their website, purchase percentage fluctuated due to unsuitable user experience and usability.

The solution

We got the ball rolling by auditing and diagnosing the website in which we spotted the main problems to tackle on a SEO level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX)

We carried out a Keyword research to identify words their potential customers were searching to increase purchase probability. This investigation was the kick off for the SEO strategy.

The next step was to put forward a technical analysis to recognize the aspects interfering with website speed. This is crucial since as “best practice” loading the site should take an average of 3 seconds.

We applied a solution that gave us way to discovering issues with design and with the way users navigate their website. Using heatmaps and video recordings we were able to visualize and have a more detailed idea of the website was being used, where the clicks were, what was avoided and what was compelling. Taking advantage of this situation, we provided design recommendations to pave the way for a better user experience.

Developing tailored SEO strategies has its advantages

The use of Google Analytics and Tag Manager is an advised practice for all companies that wish to carry on professional monitoring of a website, thus being able to identify and interpret user behavior, which elements to highlight on their website and make more efficient business decisions.

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