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UI/UX design, web development

The Overview

Revista Soy Rock is an Argentinian magazine that focuses on popular culture and Rock music.

The challenge

The magazine Soy Rock was hoping to shape up their website to meet their viewers’ expectations. Well-defined sections, simple, intuitive, and most of all, perfected for mobile devises. Add that to a great image, and you’ll have a winner.

The solution

We designed a entirely new website, and that's not all, we built every section with a graphic and identity system with colors and iconography for every section.

Sections with Icons and colours

Revista Soy Rock - Creativedog Agency
Revista Soy Rock - Creativedog Agency
Revista Soy Rock - Creativedog Agency
Revista Soy Rock - Creativedog Agency

The articles were built with a specific chart to highlight the most relevant ones and to make it easier for the user to read. And last but not least, the simple article view and the article itself have several sections to give the writers the space to tell what they want, like a main title, a subtitle, a summary or introduction, a highlighted fragment or quote, and the body of the article.

These are the main characteristics of the site:

  • Customizes design and visual identity
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JQuery layout
  • 100% self-manageable site  – WordPress engine with username and password
  • Responsive: fully adaptable to all mobile devises like tablets and mobile phones.

Shall we?

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