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SEO Auditing

The Overview

Fallabela is a high traffic e-commerce site with great product variety.

The challenge

The client needed to determine the level of website optimization to know the aspects they needed to tackle first when putting a SEO strategy forward with the objective of increasing traffic on organic marketing channels.

The solution

SEO strategy started by indentifying the problems to be addressed.  This let the client know the elements that needed optimization and the general situation in its marketing context.

We analyzed more than 1,000,000 factors.

When it comes to SEO, not all optimization bears the same importance. To this end, auditing focused on singling out the most relevant aspects to achieve an increased organic traffic in a more efficient and rapid way.

To perform a SEO audit is how we get the ball rolling in the process of Google positioning. This will save the client time and money, and at the same time it will allow them to identify where they stand as to their competitors.

What we did:

  • Project’s start up immersion
  • Business analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Optimization audit
  • General scoring
  • Client introduction
  • Insights and guidelines to work with

Shall we?

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