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Consultancy and Analytics implementation

The Overview

Megatone is one of the major retail services companies in Argentina and it has several branches, an e-commerce with a variety of products and media campaigns both on social and organic levels(search).

The challenge

The client was on the lookout for improving their Google Analytics implementation in order to obtain more accurate information about their users’ interests and behavior.

The solution

To get the most out of the top notch traffic it already has, we had several tasks going to reset Google Analytics on the client’s e-commerce allowing efficient analysis and data interpretation.

UX Analytics + Google Analytics + GTM

These were our taks/ this was our role

  • Project’s initial immersion
  • Business analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Measurement audit
  • Account general management
  • Measurement models and special events
  • Tags and execution rules study
  • Event reimplementation and adjustment through Tag Manager
  • Building of customized dashboards
  • Creation of advanced segments
  • Management reports
  • Advise for the enhancement of user experience (UX)

The implementation of Google Analytics with Tag Manager is a highly recommended procedure for all companies that wish to carry out professional monitoring of their websites, to identify and interpret users’ behavior, to spot elements that should be highlighted on the website and to make business related decisions more efficient.

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